Veliko Turnovo Out of Town

Veliko Turnovo Out of Town

Dryanovo Monastery

Built in the 12th century, the monastery is situated in the Dryanovo river gorge, just 25 km south of Veliko Turnovo.

Memorabilia and relics from the dramatic events during the 1876 April Uprising are kept in the monastery museum.

Etura architectural and ethnographic complex

Just 50 km south of Veliko Turnovo you will discover a living hub of the Bulgarian Revival period. The outdoor museum resembles an old artisan street, where skilled craftsmen fashion unique objects out of copper, wood, iron, wool, clay, leather and silver.


Located some 40 km from Veliko Turnovo the village is a remarkable example of National Revival architecture. The white-washed two storey houses, hidden behind ivy and cranesbill, the stone-tiled roofs, large verandahs and flower-dotted yards blend perfectly with the colourful and serene mountain landscape.

The Valley of Roses

A trip to the famous Valley of Roses, located 96 km south of Veliko Turnovo, when the roses are in full bloom - from late May to late June. Visit a rose distillery in Koulata ethnographic complex. Sample original and tasty rose products: rose jam, rose brandy and Roza liqueur. Visit the Museum of the Rose to acquaint yourself with the history of rose oil production in Bulgaria.

Wine-tasting session in a wine cellar in Lyazkovets

The region is known for the production of brand-name wines - Gamza, Cabernet Sauvignon, Aligote, Rkatsiteli, Muscat Otonel and Merlot. The local reds have a brilliant red to deep red colour, smooth taste and subtle fruity bouquet, matured through ageing. The wine cellar in Lyazkovets is also known for its sparkling wines.

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