Varna Museums

Varna Museums

There is hardly a city in Bulgaria apart from the capital that has so many museum opportunities.

Archaeological Museum

The former Girls High School, which used to be the biggest in the Balkans, houses the Archaeological Museum that holds one of the country's richest collections.

A special treasury displays priceless gold jewels and amazing ancient toreutic works. The icon and church plate exposition is very impressive. In a special Education Selection your children will be able to rise prehistoric stone tools and work with a primitive potter's wheel.

Address: Varna 9000, 41 Maria Louisa Blvd.

Tel.: (359 52) 237 057

Fax: (359 52) 237 056

The Varna Museum

The Varna Museum is full of treasures from all periods of the city's history, and will interest both the informed archaeologist and the casual visitor.

Address: Varna 9000, 8th November St.

Tel.: (359 52) 632 677

The National Revival Museum

The National Revival Museum has a rich collection.

Address: Varna 9000, 9 Twenty-seven July St.

Tel.: (359 52) 223 585

The Ethnographic Museum

The Ethnographic Museum has exhibits showing traditional means of livelihood and costumes with varying demographic features.

Address: Varna 9000, 22 Panagiurishte St.

Tel.: (359 52) 63-05-88

The Naval Museum

The Naval Museum is in the shady alleys of the Marine Gardens.

The history of Bulgarian maritime dates back to the year of 1883. Once the creation of the Bulgarian Marine by Russian naval officers was accomplished in 1879, there was made a collection of ancient marine exhibits.

The Museum of the History of Medicine

The Museum of the History of Medicine is in what used to be the city's first hospital and possesses the richest paleoanthropologic collection in Bulgaria.

The Museum of New History

The Museum of New History is in the oldest surviving house in Varna, that was built in 1851 Address: Varna 9000, 41 Maria Louisa Blvd.

Bulgaria's Aquarium

Bulgaria's only Aquarium with a unique facade covered in ivy attracts many visitors.

Varna Terrarium

Varna Terrarium has one of the most diverse collections in Bulgaria - more than 40 different kinds of exotic animals from all over the world and many interesting and rare Bulgarian species.

Address: Morska Gradina, 38 Saltanat St.

Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Varna 9000

1, L. Karavelov St.

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