Ski and Mountain Resorts

Ski and Mountain Resorts

Take a week off, get your backpack ready, put on your sunglasses and come ski with us. What is a winter day in Bulgaria like? Get up early, dress in ski wear, have some coffee and head for the glistening slopes. Did you forget something? Your lunch break - a warm soup, grilled fillet and a beer, accompanied by loud music and lots of happy faces. After a long day of skiing, cross-country, snow surfing or snowboarding, while slowly making your way home, dreaming of the open fire place and your glass of wine, you can hardly believe you still have an entire week ahead!


  • climb peak Musala;
  • go skiing on the "Popangelov" slope;
  • have meatballs with freshly baked bread and lutenica at one of the local taverns.


  • ride the "Koncheto" edge;
  • downhill the "Banderica" slope on which the 2009 FIS Alpine Ski World Cup for Women took place;
  • try the local delicious "Banska kapama".


  • sunbath on "Snezhanka" peak;
  • go skiing on "The European Track";
  • try the local specialty - "Rodopski klin".

Vitosha Ski resort

  • enjoy the view from "Cherni Vrah" peak;
  • go skiing on the "Vitoshko lale" slope;
  • marvel at the “stone rivers” rock formation.

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