Hobby Tourism

Hobby Tourism

Bulgaria is a country which offers interesting possibilities for enthusiasts of the "special interest holidays" formula.

Combining your holiday with your favourite hobby could turn into the unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

Bulgaria offers all the necessary conditions for an untraditional rural vacation:

  • - old Bulgarian capitals
  • - monasteries and museums towns
  • - thracian treasures and icon-painting
  • - dozens of picturesque large and small settlements
  • - fine old homes with an unspoilt rural environment and traditional lifestyle
  • - adjoining yards with domestic animals and gardens
  • - ecologically clean regions and pastoral landscape
  • - well-organized welcome and services for guests with typical Bulgarian hospitality
  • - traditional cuisine
  • - and above all - a unique blend of natural scenery with history, folklore, national arts and crafts, colourful festivals and customs.

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