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Nessebur Museum Town

Situated on a small peninsula (in the immediate vicinity of the large seaside resort of Sunny Beach), one of the oldest towns… : Read it

Bansko Museum Town

Here, at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, the houses look almost like monasteries - just as austere and inaccessible, with high… : Read it

Arbanassi Museum Town

Austere houses that resemble minor fortresses on the outside with high, solid walls and heavy gates, iron grids and secret hiding-places,… : Read it

Veliko Turnovo Museums

The Old Konak, designed by Kolyo Ficheto in 1872, has seen many key historical events and now houses the Museum of the National… : Read it

Varna Museums

There is hardly a city in Bulgaria apart from the capital that has so many museum opportunities. Archaeological Museum The… : Read it

Plovdiv Museums

The Museum of National Liberation is now housed in Georggiadi House and includes a descpription of Britain's comppplicity in… : Read it

Sofia Museums

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF HISTORY - a rich collection of 200 000 exhibits traces the history in what is now Bulgaria from… : Read it


The soft radiance of the Bulgarian icon is a grand dimension of the fate, stability and spiritual evolution of the Bulgarians… : Read it

Old Capitals of Bulgaria

Pliska This is the Slavic name the Proto-Bulgarians gave to the first capital of their new state. : Read it


One has to see the magnificent Thracian treasures, the monumental but beautiful work of the Greek and Roman cities in order to… : Read it


The Bulgarian monasteries - hiding human, warm and living rather than "divine" beauty behind their austere stone facades, still… : Read it


The Bulgarian lands are ancient crossroads. It remembers many ancient civilizations and great peoples which wrote the pages of… : Read it