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Kilifarevo Monastery

The Kilifarevo Monastery has gone down in the annals of Bulgarian history as the "Second University of Mediaeval Bulgaria", following… : Read it

Kapinovo Monastery

The church of the Kapinovo Monastery, near the town of Elena, features an inscription of the year of its foundation on the cornice… : Read it

Ivanovo Rock Monastery

Located in almost a cosmic landscape - rock massifs, enveloping the picturesque river valley near the city of Rousse. As if striving… : Read it

Dryanovo Monastery

In existence as early as in the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, it was subsequently destroyed and re-built on two occasions. It was… : Read it

Cherepish Monastery

History links the name of Sophronius of Vratsa also with another monastery quite remote from the Kapinovo one - the Cherepish… : Read it

Bachkovo Monastery

One of the oldest monasteries in the Bulgarian lands, it rises in the picturesque Chaya river valley, 29 km south of Plovdiv.… : Read it

Arbanassi Monasteries

There are two monasteries in the village of Arbanassi, 3 km from Veliko Turnovo - St.Nikola and Holy Virgin. Between… : Read it

Aladja Monastery

This is one of the few preserved and accessible rock monasteries in Bulgaria, dating from the early Middle Ages and conforming… : Read it

Hobby Tourism

Bulgaria is a country which offers interesting possibilities for enthusiasts of the "special interest holidays" formula. Combining… : Read it


Situated extremely picturesquely in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains at an altitude of 1,200 m, Momchilovtsi lies 240 km from… : Read it

Rural Tourism

The varied scenery, proven ecological factors, peace and quiet of the Bulgarian village are sufficient prerequisites for active… : Read it

Tryavna Museum Town

This small town seems like painted on the green Balkan Range peaks by the painters of the famous Tryavna school of art. Cross… : Read it