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Kotel Museum Town

The town of Kotel is situated in a small valley in one of the passes of the Balkan Range linking North and South Bulgaria. Kotel's… : Read it

Koprivshtitsa Museum Town

White stone walls, overgrown with ivy and wild geranium, fence in gardens full of flowers. Vaulted stone bridges run across the… : Read it

Etura Architectural and Ethnographic Complex

Eight km from the center of Gabrovo, master craftsmen fashion beautiful gold, silver, copper, leather and wooden articles right… : Read it

Bozhentsi Architectural and Historique Reserve

An idyllic village nestling in the folds of the Balkan Range, 16 km from the town of Gabrovo, which time seems to have lulled… : Read it

Sozopol Museum Town

APOLLONIA - this is how it was called in 610 B.C. by its founders - Greek settlers from Miletus, who erected a majestic bronze… : Read it

Zemen Monastery

Completely different from both the official Byzantine style and the other official Turnovo School, are the architecture and painting… : Read it

Troyan Monastery

The Troyan Monastery, is known above all for the creative work of Zahari Zograph who painted both the exterior and the interior… : Read it

Transfiguration Monastery

The masterpriece of another age, of other principles in architecture and art, is the Transfiguration Monastery, erected 7 km… : Read it

Shipka Monastery

Part and parcel of our history is the Shipka Monastery, a symbol of an epoch-making event for Bulgaria - her Liberation from… : Read it

Rozhen Monastery

Situated far to the south in the Pirin area, 6 km from Melnik, this is the only monastery restored during the first centuries… : Read it

Rila Monastery

The most impressive monument from the Bugarian National Revival period rises amidst the rugged beauty of the Rila Mountain, just… : Read it

Kremikovtsi Monastery

It was founded during the 14th century, again probably due to Tzar Ivan Alexander, when 14 monasteries known as the "Sofia Mount… : Read it