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Borovets Resort

Borovets is the oldest and the biggest mountain resort in Bulgaria which has often gathered the skiing elite of the world. Situated… : Read it

UNESCO Heritage

THE BULGARIAN CONTRIBUTION TO WORLD HERITAGE For several decades now, under UNESCO aegis, attempts have been made to… : Read it


Skiing and leisure Situated at 1300 m above sea level on the northern flank of Rila Mountain, in the very foot of Musala… : Read it


Bansko is a museum town in southwestern Bulgaria, located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains. Its typical stone houses – characterized… : Read it

Festivals and Customs

Full of beauty, gaiety and a healthy love of life, the Bulgarian festivals and customs date back to ancient times when mail tried… : Read it

Pictorial Art

One has to see the magnificent Thracian treasures, the monumental but beautiful work of the Greek and Roman cities in order to… : Read it

Music in Bulgaria

There is something symbolic in the fact that millennia later the homeland of the mythical Orpheus is again attracting world attention… : Read it


Once upon a time the Thracians inhabited our lands. The Greek chronicler Herodotus claims that 'after the Indian, the Thracian… : Read it

Zheravna Museum Town

The village of Zheravna resembles a wreath spread over the southern slopes of two small hills in the Eastern Balkan Range. Brooks… : Read it

Shiroka Lucka Museum Town

The village is built in a narrow and steep valley of the Ludja river, flanked on all sides by the magnificent pastoral and sunny… : Read it

Plovdiv Museum Town

An ancient crossroads between East and West and Bulgaria's second largest city today, Plovdiv has preserved unique treasures… : Read it

Melnik Museum Town

Bulgaria's smallest town is hudding among frozen standstone puramids immobile for millennia, 190km south of Sofia. Thracians,… : Read it